The Silk Road Group is one of the leading private investment groups active in the Caucasus and Central Asian regions with participation in different sectors of the Georgian economy, including transportation, trading, real estate, retail, telecommunications and banking.

The Silk Road Group was established in Georgia in the early 1990’s following the collapse of the Soviet Union. Since its inception, the Silk Road Group has enjoyed the steady growth by revitalizing traditional trade routes, which had been neglected for decades. SRG’s focus on meeting the needs of a multinational client base has allowed it to grow into a global organization. SRG has client service professionals in Asia, Europe, and North America.

The company started its business activities with transportation and trading of commodities in the Central Asian and Caucasus regions and has established itself as a leader in the rail transportation of the liquid and dry cargoes.

As structural and tax reforms gained the solid momentum in Georgia in 2004, SRG started to expand its business into various industries, such as Infrastructure, Real Estate, Banking, Trade, Telecommunications and Energy. Jointly with its partners, SRG has facilitated investments of around USD 500 million into the Georgian economy over the last ten years.