Silk Road Energy is running management and operations of 2 small-size run-of-river type HEPPs and development of a medium-size HEPP in different parts of the country:


Mtispiri, Ozrugeti Municipality, Guria Region


run-of-river Installed Capacity: 9.8 MW

Annual Output:

41 GWh

Start of Operations:

July 2015

Power Off-take Structure:

domestic, export

Lopota HEPP


Telavi Municipality, Kakheti Region


run-of-river, Installed Capacity 1.8 MW

Annual Output:

6.2 GWh

Rehabilitated Power Off-take Structure:

domestic, direct customer

Machakhela 1 HEPP


Khelvachauri Municipality, AR of Adjara

Installed Capacity:

25-28 MW

Annual Output:

up to 147 GWh

to be determined:

up to $ 45 mln