• Qarva innovates cutting edge unique technology for the IPTV, OTT and Hybrid TV industry. Our intention is to partner with companies who share our vision of innovation and a leading edge position in IPTV. Our novel products and solutions are designed with the characteristic of quick implementation having direct market impact through service enhancement.
  • Qarva’s unique technologies not only offer the potential for growth in market share, but a reduction in capital and operating expenses, decreased churn and increased ARPU. Designed to address the challenges in IP based television technologies, Middleware providers, integrators and suppliers all value our cost effective and easily portable products and solutions. High quality unique technologies are not the only significant feature/facet for Qarva’s business partners. The dynamic and rapid growth in the IPTV market makes service and reliability an increasingly important aspect in commercial deployments. Designed and developed by a team with 10 years real project experience in the IPTV industry, Qarva ensures customers a high quality product strengthened by the longevity and depth required to support it. Next generation technology coupled with forward looking innovation alongside industry proven service and support keeps Qarva on the forefront of the IPTV, OTT and Hybrid TV industries.
  • Qarva technology represents unique and innovative software designed and developed to provide an immediate enhancement of an IPTV service or ecosystem and, as a result, improve viewer QoE. The dynamic expansion of the IPTV industry presents many opportunities for market growth through simple, cost effective service enhancements. This is where Qarva technology’s fundamental value lies.
  • Qarva is designed to be market impacting, cost reducing and bottom line enhancing. Using native C++ based software makes Qarva’s products and solutions blazing fast. Novel technologies eliminate traditional integration challenges and offer unique solutions. Designed and developed with the viewers wishes balanced against customer needs to improve QoS, Qarva has a direct positive effect on capital and operating expenses, decreasing churn and increasing ARPU through improved QoE. Operators, middleware clients, software integrators and suppliers all find Qarva technology’s unique products and solutions cost benefitting and service enhancing.